Ugandans Never wanted to Forgive me, Jackie Chandiru

Ugandan songstress Jackie Chandiru has opened up about her journey to sobriety. Jackie Chandiru discloses it wasn’t easy to heal because Ugandans didn’t want to forgive her. Jackie Chandiru said she almost took her own life following criticism from the public.

The musician who was once a painkiller addict kicked the vice and bounced back in the music scene like she never left.

Jackie Chandiru
Photo: Jackie Chandiru/Instagram.

Jackie, in a recent interview with Ugandan media, narrated how the journey to healing was made even harder by her own countrymen.

According to the singer, people hated her so much that they even started spreading lies about her.

Jackie Chandiru
Photo: Jackie Chandiru/Instagram.

The star disclosed how at some point she was rendered hopeless by a cross-section of Ugandans who had sworn never to forgive her for throwing her life to the gutters.

“My country was not very good to me, people talked and took advantage of the fact that I had an addiction, but they built stories around my addiction and in the end, I became hopeless,” she disclosed.

Jackie Chandiru

According to Jackie, many people were bent on destroying her completely in moves that nearly sent her to her early grave.

Jackie said what hurt her the most was the fact that people used to claims she was on drugs, yet she was ”just” addicted to some painkillers.

Jackie Chandiru
Photo: Jackie Chandiru/Instagram.

“I was tired. Life was meaningless, I felt worthless, betrayed by those I knew and loved and those around me. I wanted no more of Jackie Chandiru. I didn’t want to exist and it seemed like people would be better off without me, and they did a fine job letting me know in the harshest ways,” She said.

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Also used the opportunity to condemn the media for making matters even worse by spreading lies and bad rumours about her trouble.

Jackie Chandiru

“I had gone through enough, both physically and emotionally, and the media was not anywhere to help, but made it worse. They were silently killing me. They took everything that I had ever built esteem-wise and killed it,” Jackie added.

Her revelation comes just months after she came out publicly to show the results of her healing.

A healthy Jackie emerged and fans were impressed, especially when they learnt she had made a comeback in music.

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