Ugandans rejected Bobi Wine and Opposition, Elly Tumwine

It was a big mistake for presidential candidate, Robert Kyangulanyi who is popularly known as Bobi Wine to withdraw his case from the Supreme Court. The withdrawal of the case made many Ugandans lack a better voice so that their grievances can be aired effectively.

Many people continue to suffer from the killings, abductions and even torture by the security officers. Museveni has shown his political fangs and it means he is ready to make more Ugandans suffer if they don’t accept his leadership. Bobi Wine’s supporters are now left helpless and at the mercy of the long serving dictator, Museveni.

Bobi Wine believed that he will the desired change in Uganda but his plans and dreams have just been shuttered and it is upon him to concede a big defeat and lie low maybe to wait for another term to present himself as a presidential candidate candidate.

Bobi Wine

However, General Elly Tumwile yesterday sent a powerful message. He claimed that for them who committed their lives for their country was first and foremost was risk of lives and security of Ugandans. He added that they have no other interests but to serve in Museveni’s government. He claimed that people have rejected opposition protests and that elections are over and they are just waiting for swearing in of their president.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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