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UMSC threatens to petition former Mubajje assistant for slander

Sheik Ramadan Mugalu the Secretary General of Uganda Muslim Supreme council (UMSC) has threatened to sue sheikh AbdulAziz Hussein the former northern Muslim region assistant to the mufti over defamation.

Information coming in indicate sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje sacked sheikh Abdul Aziz Husein for failure to coordinate Muslims in the region.

He further stated that Sheikh Hussein didn’t raise to the expectations of the appointing committee as he miserably failed to organize and further coordinate Muslim leaders under his jurisdiction.

According to Mugalu, he says that ever since his ouster Sheikh Hussein has been circulating malicious messages on several media platforms with an aim of damaging his reputation, the personal image of the mufti as well as the UMSC as an institution.

While addressing journalists on the state of affairs at the UMSC headquarters Mugalu gave a brief preamble on how Sheikh Hussein was appointed as the mufti’s assistant on acting basis citing that he even lacked proper academic qualifications, a degree in sharia only having a diploma in Islamic studies.

Mugalu further explained that they later discovered Sheik Hussein was a committed businessman commuting between Kampala and Juba in southern Sudan and had no time for official work at the headquarters of the UMSC yet he had an office as well as an official vehicle.

Mugalu further claims Sheikh Hussein teamed up with a clique of Muslims to illegally take control of UMSC properties in the region, adding that he personally took control of Juba market which sits on UMSC land in Lira City.

Upon his sacking, Mugalu said he has been shamelessly spreading malicious information in Kampala that the Mufti and secretary general have sold off cemeteries in Gulu and Lira.

He later claimed that there was a wide spread move by some individuals including some local government officials scheming to grab UMSC land in the different areas of the country which has compelled UMSC to fight off the grabbers.

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