Who should be blamed for the introduction of VPN in Uganda?.

As it has been the case in the past elections where the government of the republic of Uganda through Uganda Communication Commission closes social media most especially Facebook in the days of elections, it has again happened today as the government has ordered UCC to cut off Facebook.

In 2016, when the government ordered UCC to block people from accessing Facebook their mission was a success after many where left without any plan except a few who knew about the virtual private network (VPN).

It’s on record when the then presidential candidate and a former prime minister Amama Mbabazi who was contesting against the incumbent tried to tell Ugandans to download VPNs so that they can continue be connected but many failed to pick interest in them and so they had to wait not until the elections were ended so that they can be connected again.

Read Amama Mbabazi”s tweet about VPN here

This time round it hasn’t been the same case as many people have continued to use their Facebook accounts on their phones without any barrier even when UCC has blocked it from being used in the country.

And this is why we have decided to ask you this question

Who should be blamed for the introduction of VPN in Uganda?.

Can we say Amama Mbabazi who first talked about the VPNĀ  during the elections? The answer is No!.

This dates back the day 1st/July/2018 when the Uganda government introduced the Over the top tax ( OTT) were anyone to use social media must pay 200shs in order to access the service.

This opened many Ugandan eyes as many failed to adopt the culture of first paying the tax and as well as buying data resulting into discovering VPNs applications which helped many to by-pass the tax since it makes it difficult for UCC to detect the servers.

Since then Ugandans have been using them update when the Uganda government has again instructed UCC to block Facebook access.

In the past 10 days presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert encouraged every Ugandan to download any VPN of his or her own to avoid being disconnected from social media during the elections period.

Give us your thoughts who should be blamed?

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