Why Bobi Wine is better than Bebe Cool and other Artist in Uganda

Since Bobi Wine joining Politics, Bebe Cool has attempted to make a name for himself as a top musician and Mentor for Bobi Wine in Politics(he claims). Along the way, he has spurred a rivalry with his former once friend Bobi Wine . Bebe Cool has shown all indications that he wants to replace Bobi Wine by siding with President Museveni. Despite Bebe Cool’s efforts, he still has a long way to go, and here is why:


Bobi Wine has a wealth of experience in the leadership, from managing one of Uganda’s biggest labels to strategic music releases, Being Red Cross Ambassador for several years and also a ghetto President and not to forget a member of Parliament. Bobi Wine has shown how his past mistakes shaped his career to the top from time to time. On the other hand, Bebe Cool is still in his infancy stage as a Politician. For Big Size Bebe Cool, he is running on risky grounds considering that he joined politics with intentions to start from the top instead of building structures gradually.

Massive Following

Bobi Wine in Luwero NRM Mecca

There is no doubt Bobi Wine is the most followed musician/Politician in Uganda. By considering Twitter, Facebook metrics, the singer turned Politician has amassed over  3millions followers, a record in Uganda. He own the youth base that is always ready to support him. He has managed to build the following by understanding what his audience needs. Elsewhere, we cannot tell who are the real Bebe Cool followers. Notably, his followers came around while still Battling Bobi Wine. Although his talent cannot be denied, if we remove Bobi Wine from the equation, it will be interesting to see where Bebe Cool stands.


Bobi Wine and Mathias Mpunga
Bobi Wine and Mathias Mpunga

Humility is a vital human virtue, and Bobi Wine has demonstrated the humble ones will succeed. Throughout his career, Bobi Wine has never allowed his success to get into his head. The singer treats fellow artists with respect, and no particular time has he engaged in ugly beef no matter the provocation. Since day one, Bebe Cool has not shown the virtue of humility. Once he gets an opportunity, he has not resisted throwing shade at Bobi Wine and other top musicians.


bobi wine

By all measures, as a Ugandan artist, Bobi Wine has already achieved success, although he still has a long way to go. The singer has an established Political Party, Music label, and connected with many top officials from different countries. If he decided to retire, history books would remember him as the most successful musician. Elsewhere, Bebe Cool is still finding his footing, especially across the Uganda.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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