Witchcraft In Battle For Matrimonial Home among Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata’s wives

Al-Hajji Musa Katongole, a celebrated City tycoon and also a close relative to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte has slapped tough conditions on the widows who are fighting for his matrimonial home. On Monday morning, Katongole phoned Kawempe police Division commander and asked him to intervene in the ongoing fight at Muzaata’s home in Falawo Zone, Kawempe Division, a Kampala suburb.

Credible sources close to Muzaata’s family intimated to theGrapevine that Katongole was present when Hajjat Kuluthum Nabunya Muzaata’s group started fighting physically and exchanging verbal artillery with the group that supports Amin Bugirita, the first widow to Muzaata.

“Hajji was shocked when he saw Kanyamas from both groups fighting to take over the house. Each group brought its own fighters to protect their interest in the deceased’s estate especially the matrimonial home,” the source said.

FremerMedia has established that over five Kanyamas were arrested from Muzaata’s home and detained at Kawempe police station.

Luke Owesigire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson confirmed the development and noted that as per now, police is in control of Muzaata’s home.



Sources at Muzaata’s family also told theGrapevinee that the war between both women has deepened after they decided to evoke the spirits.

The source disclosed that on Monday morning, Saudah Nampiima, the mother to Kuluthum Muzaata, survived being lynched by Amina’s people who accused her of witchcraft.

Nampiima was accused of moving with Juju in her bag which she wanted to plant in Muzaata’s master bedroom, which is currently in Kuluthum’s control.


Credible sources in Kuluthum’s camp also told theGrapevine that it seems some of the top Sheikhs at Kibuli are not ready to intervene in their fight.

Kuluthum is now ready to drag Amina to court after she swore to fight to death for the house which she helped build.

Kuluthum insists that she is the only legal widow to Muzaata because by the time of his death, Amina was already dumped him.


City lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has weighed in on what the law says on how this saga can be solved.

Mabirizi has cited Section 30 (1) of the succession Act which states,” No wife or husband of an intestate shall take any estate in the interest of an intestate if at time of the death of the intestate, he or she was separated from the intestate as a member of the same household”.

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Mabirizi also quoted sub section 2 of the same Act which says that a former partner to the deceased can only benefit from the deceased’s estate if he or she went abroad for studies and officially communicated to the husband or wife.

Mabirizi guided that the Act is more applicable when the deceased died without making a will.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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