Worst is here, Museveni experience another big Blow

President Museveni had planned to have IPOD summit meeting today. As highlighted by the daily monitor some of high top ranked leaders have not turn up in the event.According to the daily Monitor News,most of seats are vacant as members of FDCO and JEEMA have not arrived.According to the reliable sources the two parties had promised to boycott the meeting.

Empty seats as IPOD summit chairman, Kaguta Museveni arrives at Kololo for the meeting. UPC party president Jimmy Akena and his DP counterpart norbert mao are at the venue while other member parties like FDCOfficial1 and JEEMA said they would boycott the meeting

Mafabi while on local television,he claimed that IPOD was formed for inter-party dialogue hopping for free and fair election but it turned worse.He added that”Those who participated in the unfairness should go and attend the summit.”

After the January polls Museveni’s Administration has been trying to unite Ugandans irrespective of their party.Some of the party had earlier on announced that they will not attend the summit.Who will unite Ugandans?Time will tell.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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