Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Future if Bobi Wine win Uganda Elections

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been in leadership for 35 Years. And when he first got an opportunity to step in office in 1986, he promised Ugandas Citizens peace, security and better Economy.

But the same President who has been preaching peace and Security in his campaigns He is still the person using the Military to kill, torture, kidnap, intimidate and harass the Innocent Citizens of Uganda.

Now, a young man from Ghetto by the name Robert Kyagulanyi ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, who is a musician by profession and also an MP of Kyadondo Constituency in Uganda.

This is the man who is giving Museveni Sleepless nights, and he has taken ought to challenge Museveni. Bobi Wine is going to be among the Presidential candidates on 14 January 2021. Infact he is the only Presidential candidate who is going to challenge Museveni.

And that could be the reason Why President Museveni is using the Military to intimidate, harass and oppress Bobi Wine. Some few days a Ugandan Military Vehicle knocked down Bobi Wine’s personal Bodyguard by the name Frank.

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Now, here is what will happen to Museveni if Bobi Wine wins the 2021 Presidential elections. Bobi Wine can decide to confront the International Criminal Court to investigate the murder cases that have been linked with Museveni. And probably he can be arrested for Murder and abuse of Human rights.

All the wealth that Museveni acquired through force or corruption, will taken to the public so that it can help the Citizens of Uganda.

Let us all stand and Pray for Bobi Wine and Ugandans at large.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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