Zari Hassan claps back at Wema Sepetu

Zari Hassan has hit back at actress Wema Sepetu after she revealed that she was always jealous of the Ugandan.

The Tanzanian beauty, in an exclusive interview, admitted that Zari’s relationship with ex- boyfriend Diamond Platnumz tormented her for years. According to Wema, Zari lived a life she had so much desired with her ex- lover.

She accused Zari of robbing her dreams after conceiving just two months into a relationship with the singer.

” The first, second month and Zari is already pregnant. It really tormented me for a long time, almost a year. I was very certain that I was the problem… I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me. So it hurt, just seeing Tiffah being born. But it’s just life,” she said in an interview with Chumba Cha Umbea

And weeks after that heavy confession, the South African based businesswoman has clapped back at the Tanzanian while denying ever living Wema’s life.

In a sensational post on her Instagram page, Zari questioned what was stopping Wema from living her real life. She challenged the 30- year- old beauty to take notes on living her life as a hustler.

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“No darling, I ain’t living your life!!!! I’m living my life according to God’s plan. Smh! Wait a second, what’s stopping you from living your life, I mean your REAL life? Smh!!!! #ToWhomItMayConcern. Kuna mtu ati naishi maisha yake smh! Babe I’m a hustler…. ‘Take notes’!” Zari wrote

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