Zari Hassan losing a battle after gay community speaks out

Recently, Zari Hassan’s second-born came out to publicly declare that he is gay. He said this through his Instagram live where he even requested people not to judge him. This led to a lot of tension as Instagram bloggers couldn’t stop talking about it. Some even went as far as mocking the South African based Ugandan socialite and mentioning that she has failed as a parent.

As every other mother would do, the mother of five took to the comments section of her Instagram account to defend her son, claiming that he is just trying to keep away old women who have been constantly hitting on him and asking for money.

This didn’t save the situation. It only made things worse for the young boy since some gay men came out to testify that Rafael had been talking to them about his situation as they encouraged him to find a way of coming out.

Instead of things calming down, the talk started all over again. Should Zari have remained quiet on the issue?

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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