Zari Hassan perfectly silences Critical fan

Business Woman Zari Hassan shutdown a fan who tried to troll her daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote after stepping out rocking some oversized slippers.

The mother of five who rarely mince her words when dealing with trolls, asked the fan to refrain from dictating how other people should live their lives.

Adding that, the only problem she has with Tanzanians is assuming they know everybody in and out, just from pictures posted on social media.

“But Hiyo ndala ya Tiffah Cjaelewa @Zarithebosslady” wrote the fan.

Ms Hassan hit back saying “Sio lazima uelewe Maisha yawatu kea picture moja. Ilo ndo tataizo la waswahili/Wabongo. You always seem to have people’s lives figured out in just one photo. Smh! Maybe she borrowed them from me, maybe they belong to the spa she was attening, maybe maybe… see there is always so many reasons lakioni nyinyi, tukiwapa picture moja tu, you have it all figured out. Smh! Mnachosha mxuiii”

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

This is not the first time Zari is hitting back at her critics. Just the other day she was fighting off critics who tried school her on how to dress her kids whenever they are stepping out.

A curious fan opted to question Ms Hassan on why she normally dressed her kids in oversize clothes.

“Ila Zari unawalea watoto vizuri sana, ila kitu kimoja uwaviki Vizuri nguo unazo ila hawavai vizuri kama wewe. Watoto Wazuri wakivaa vizuri kila siku watazidi kuwa wazuri” wrote Fatma34527.

Zari Hassan with daughter Princess Tiffah and Nillan

Zari who is known to be a no nonsense woman responded to the concern, asking the fan to mind her own business.

“@Fatma34527 Mtu unakaa kwa joto kali leo unishauri namna ya kuwavalisha watoto kwa Baridi. Learn to mind your own business sometimes. Ukishindwa, Nnjoo uwalee vile wewe unataka. Asante,” Zari’s response.

Ms Hassan is among celebrities who are subjected to criticism by netizens due to her public lifestyle.

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