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Zari Hassan talks about her struggles as a mum

The festive seasons are here with us and this is the time that Christians celebrate Christmas Day. Christians believe that Jesus who is the World’s Saviour was born on Christmas Day. Most people normally take their leave days during these days so that they could go spend time with their families.

Zari who is Tiffah’s and Nilan’s Mum released her nannies to go visit their families. Currently Zari is also not going to work and she is spending her full day at home.

However Zari has Revealed that one of her hardest tasks this festive Season is spending twenty four hours with her youngest Children who are Prince Nilan who recently turned four years and Princess Tiffah who turned six years.

Zari Revealed that Princess Tiffah and prince Nilan are too much active and when they close schools they never settle around one place. Zari Revealed that they also fight a lot and the two will always need a watchful adult around them. See Zari’s Screenshots of her Instagram stories below.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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